Project WISP

What is a WISP?

It’s very simple. Rather than using conventional wires used by UK telecoms providers, we use innovative wireless technology to deliver your internet. Our mission is to become a High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider for rural Sussex.

Wisp in Sussex

The big idea


We’re looking to work with communities who suffer from poor internet speeds as a result of an inadequate infrastructure from UK telecoms. Various campaigns have fallen short of what we expect in the modern era. 

Being only 2 major telecoms provers in the UK, the public have been powerless to go elsewhere and have had to accept their substandard service.

We understand how disabling slow internet can be to your business and how simple tasks at home such as streaming video can be infuriating.  

Our goal is to reach out to communities with around 20-25 homes that are looking to achieve speeds of up to 50mb. 

Start the ball rolling, get in touch today. Together we can make a difference.

About the service

How it works
1. Farmers / Land Owners

The success of this project hinges on community togetherness. We’re looking for Farmers or land owners that are willing to assist with the project. The site would become the Wifi Beacon for providing yourself and your community with the high speed connection.

2. The connection

A small wireless device is attached to the outside of your home and connected to one of our gateways on your home network. This becomes your access point for your revolutionary broadband connection.

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If there’s anything we can do to help, we look forward to answering your questions.

Working from home appears to be the norm for now. One of our clients was struggling with their ageing Apple Airport… https://t.co/h1JBLQw7EV
08 June 2020

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