Security Solutions Protecting your Home, Family & Business
Security Solutions Protecting your Home, Family & Business

Protecting you

High Resolution Video Cameras

Our carefully selected partners manufacture high resolution cameras for home and Business video surveillance. Our installations give you piece of mind that your family, loved ones or business are protected.


Surveillance Features
Crystal Clear Vision

It’s one thing offering HD quality, but the lenses in these cameras offer pin sharp quality. Ensuring you get the best picture possible..

Secure Network

Built on the backbone of our core network, our secure deployments provide the spine to all of our surveillance services. Ensuring your safety from cyber attack.

Offsite Data Storage

If you are unfortunate enough to be broken into, you can count on us to ensure that valuable video footage is stored off site.

All seeing eye

All deployments are visible only by you. Wherever you are you’ll always have access on your smart phone or tablet. If the system detects something isn’t right, you’ll get an instant alert.


Willow NVR Three

Willow NVR Three is our entry level fully configfured video surveillance setup. The NVR Three is designed for home use with enough capacity to power up to 5 cameras.

Specifications can be altered depending on your requirements, our base package consists of;

2TB Recording Unit
x1 Ubiquiti G3 Camera

From £649
Pre Configured

Large Home / Business

Willow NVR five

Willow NVR Five is our mid tier out of the box video surveillance system. This system comes with enough power to comfortably host 25 cameras.

Specifications can be altered depending on your requirements, our base package consists of;

Intel i3 7th Gen Processor
8Gb Ram
120Gb SSD Boot Volume
4Tb Western Digital Purple
Ubuntu Operating System
x5 Ubiquiti G3 Cameras

From £1599

Built and tested by WillowWifi. The Willow NVR Five comes pre configured,  so all you need to do is connect the cables.

Smart phone app


Smart Eye

What ever configuration you decide to go for, all our deployments come with clean easy to use apps for your iOS, Android devices and computer. We have an endless amount of options for notifications which will be fed to you via Push Notifications and email.

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06 October 2020

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