Prepare for a new era of Wireless Scalable, wireless solutions for small business to rural deployments
Prepare for a new era of Wireless Scalable, wireless solutions for small business to rural deployments

If you’re a retailer looking to drive your businesses growth, Our bespoke retail WiFi solutions can spearhead your success. We ensure that customers stay connected and engage your brand when visiting.

Rapid, Reliable & Scalable

There’s nothing worse than “patchy” internet connectivity. Our enterprise grade technology puts an end to this frustrating scenario.


Integrated in to every installation we have smart technology with the ability to help build on your marketing success. With our deployments it’s so easy to connect with your customers.

What we do

``In a Nutshell``

We provide secure and reliable wireless internet connectivity. Ideal for retailers, Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee shops.

Installations come with fully branded login page, marketing tools as well as various options to monetise your connection.

Our networks are scalable, so not matter how big or small your requirement, our enterprise grade access points are capable of handling over 250 connections per device.

Hotel Wifi

Marketing Results

Social Media Integration

Getting that latest promotion to your customers just got much easier!

When users connect to your Wifi service, our intelligent hardware will capture customers credentials such as social media or email to unleash a wealth of opportunities.

Data can be easily exported to our campaign software, for you (or us) to craft some eye catching marketing. As a result of being able to target your audiance with accuracy, we’re confident you will see better returns with your campaigns.


What we offer
More than just Wifi

We understand how valuable your business is and it’s not always the internet that can threaten your livelihood. Equally scalable high resolution video surveillance will strengthen your security.

Monetise your connectivity

As well as offering your customers free internet access, you can also provide a premium paid for service. Creating another source of revenue for your business.

Safe DNS

We can provide a safer environment for your users. Meaning you can put your mind at ease for child friendly internet access.


Our Dashboard gives clear, detailed analysis of your network usage. It also gives you the power to easily block or disconnect clients without the need of an IT professional.

Managed Network


Managed deployments

With all of our deployments we offer 24/7 monitoring. Our advanced software allows us to keep an eye on all aspects of the network, to ensure security and operation is kept to the highest standard.

Unleash new opportunities


Get in touch


Glad to meet you


If there’s anything we can do to help, we look forward to answering your questions.

Another small network for one of our clients using #ubiquiti products. https://t.co/9f6bbaYNF8
06 October 2020

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